Motorbike Tour from South Xinjiang to Tibet and Yunnan
Motorbike Tour from South Xinjiang to Tibet and Yunnan

Motorbike Tour from South Xinjiang to Tibet and Yunnan

- Motorbike Riding from Irkeshtam through China to Mohan
31 Days | (Kyrgyzstan) - Irkeshtam – Kashgar - Yecheng – Mazar - Hongliutan – Domar - Bangong Tso – Shiquanhe - Tsada – Tirthapuri - Manasarovar Lake - Paryang – Saga - Lhatse – Shigatse - Gyantse – Yamdrok Lake – Lhasa - Basum Tso – Linzhi - Lulang Forest – Bome - Ranwu Lake – Baxoi - Zuogong - Markam - Yanjing – Dechen - Shangri-La – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Lijiang - Dali – Chuxiong – Kunming - Jianshui – Yuanyang - Jiangcheng – Mengla – Mohan - (Laos)
Entrance Customs into China: Irkeshtam
Exit Customs from China: Mohan
Enter China from (Land Name): Kyrgyzstan
Leave China to (Land Name): Laos
On the “roof of the world” from Xinjiang to Tibet and Yunnan
Wild Western Tibet with Guge-Ruins and Manasarovar
Tibetan culture highlights: Shigatse, Gyantse, Lhasa and Shangri-La
Meet the minorities, visit the old cities, villages and terrace fields in Yunnan
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Day01 Enter China, ride Irkeshtam – Kashgar, approx. 234KM to Kashgar, approx. 3hr 30min.
In the morning we arrive in Irkeshtam port between China and Kyrgyzstan. Leading car and your guide will meet you at Chinese country border. Then escort you to cross approx. 110km no man land and then get to Irkeshtam border. Guide will assist for custom formalities etc. The procedure is complex and might take a lot of time. So you may leave the border in the late afternoon. Ride to Kashgar. 3N in Kashgar

Day02 Kashgar: we will assist for custom formalities and car check, obtain your temporary drive license and vehicle tag etc.

Day03 Kashgar: city sightseeing. Visit Kashgar includes the bazaar where many Uygurs do busines and the old city area of Kashgar, Id Kah Mosque and the Tomb of Abakh Hoja etc.

Day04 Kashgar - Yecheng – Mazar. 272km+261km. 1N at simple guesthouse

Day05 Mazar – Hongliutan. 247km. 1N at simple guesthouse

Day06 Hongliutan – Domar. 351km. 1N at simple guesthouse

Day07 Domar – Bangong Tso – Shiquanhe. 231km. 1N in Shiquanhe

Day08 Shiquanhe – Tsada: 255km. Trip to Ruins of Guge Kingdom and Tholing Monastery. 1N in Tsada

Day09 Tsada – Earth Forest - Tirthapuri - Manasarovar: 225km. Short walking by the lake. 1N at simple guesthouse

Day10 Manasarovar Lake – Paryang – Saga. 503km. 1N in Saga

Day11 Saga – Lhatse – Shigatse: 448km. 1N in Shigatse

Day12 Shigatse (Tashilhunpo monastery) – Gyantse (Pelkhor Monastery with Kumbum Stupa): 90km. 1N in Gyantse

Day13 Gyantse – Yamdrok Lake – Lhasa: 270km. 3N in Lhasa

Day14 Lhasa: visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery and Barkhor Street.

Day15 Lhasa: visit Drepung Monastery, Norbulingka and Sera Monastery.

Day16 Lhasa – Basum Tso Lake – Linzhi (=Nyingchi): asphalt road, 455km. 1N in Linzhi

Day17 Linzhi – Lulang Forest – Bomi (2750m): asphalt road, approx. 230km. From Serkhyem La Pass (4,515 m) view of the Mt. Gyala Pelri (7,150 m) and the Mt. Namchak Barwa (7,782 m). 1N in Bomi

Day18 Bomi – Ranwu Lake – Baxoi (3280m): asphalt road, approx. 216km. 1N in Baxoi

Day19 Baxoi – Zuogong (Zuogong Monastery) – Markam: 400km, asphalt road. 1N in Markam

Day20 Markam – Yanjing – Dechen: approx. 222km. Today ride to Dechen via Yanjing, overlooking the baysalt produce in a distance. 1N in Dechen

Day21 Dechen – Shangri-La: 220km, asphalt road. On fine day, in the morning have a nice view of Meili Snow Mountain. Ride to Shangri-La. On the way far view of the first bend of Jinshajiang River. Visit Songzanlin Monastery in Shangri-La. 1N in Shangri-La

Day22 Shangri-La – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Lijiang: asphalt road, 180km. 2N in Lijiang

Day23 Lijiang: sightseeing in the ancient town Lijiang

Day24 Lijiang – Dali: 160km, expressway. Ride to Dali, visit Three Pagodas, boating on Erhai Lake and visit Dali Ancient Town. 1N in Dali 

Day25 Dali – Chuxiong – Kunming: 400km, expressway. 2N in Kunming

Day26 Kunming: relax, visit the Jinmabiji Fang and the flower market.

Day27 Kunming – Stone Forest (Shilin) – Jianshui: 290km, 6hrs, 2 class road. 1N in Jianshui

Day28 Jianshui– Yuanyang: S214, 85km, approx. 2 hrs. In the morning visit Garden of Family Zhang at Tuanshan Village, Jianshui Ancient town panerai replica and Confucius Temple. After arriving in Yuanyang, visit Laohuzui (means Tiger Mouth) Terrace in Yuanyang. 1N in Yuanyang

Day29 Yuanyang – Jiangcheng 305km. In the morning visit Jingkou Village of Hani People in Yuanyang. Ride to Jiangcheng. 1N in Jiangcheng

Day30 Jiangcheng – Mengla – Mohan: Provincial road, 185km+58km. 1N in Mohan

Day31 Mohan – Muang Namo: leave China. Service ended.

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