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We are now staying in Vang Vien in Laos. We are still enjoying our return trip back but on a different route. This is our 25th day already and everyday we see new things, meet friendly and helpful people.

Please find attached photos in 4 parts because I am afraid the internet in this Laos hotel is not so good.

On behalf of the WAZILAS, we wish to offer our sincere gratitude and thanks to both of you who has help arranged this fantastic and dramatic journey for us. We really enjoyed every minute of it and experience the inner beauty and lifestyle of China on our classic old
bikes. Both of you have contributed a lot in making this journey a success for us.

As Shen knows, repairing bikes on the road is part of our fun in classic bike adventure trips. The unexpected cold weather in Chenggong, the first earthquake experience in Jinghong, the challenging road 213 and the difficulty in getting directions due to ever changing road works and directions all contributes to the fun and adventure which we all seek.

Overall, the most important is that all of us enter and exit China safely and you all are lucky to have such a big and vast fertile country with so many industrious citizens.

Liu, we have passed a T-shirt and banner to Shen. He will send to you as our token of appreciation for planning and arranging our China trip.

Tour title: Self Drive Adventure by Old Timer Motorbike in Yunnan
Booking code:
Client: Woon, Malaysia
Tour starting date: March 23, 2011
Tour length: 10 days
Tour route: Mohan – Mengla - Jinghong Mojiang – Kunming – Yuanjiang – Jinghong - Mohan
Our group successfully finished in Kolkata 2 days ago and now they are back in Russia!


Thank you very much for your help in organization of this travel! Looking forward for futher cooperation (in 1 year we will go back from Asia to Russia through China).

Tour title: Self Drive from South Xinjiang to West and South Tibet
Booking code:
Client: Anna, Russia
Tour starting date: April 23, 2013
Tour length: 15 days
Tour route: (Kyrgyzstan) – Tourgart – Kashgar – Mazar – Hongliutan – Domar – Shiquanhe – Tsada – Kailash – Manasarovar – Paryang – Saga – Paiku Tso – Old Tingri – Rongbuk – Everest BC – Rongbuk – Zhangmu – (Nepal)
Thank you for excellent professionalism, from beginning to end! We appreciate highly. I guess Bob will indicate if e-invoice is Ok, i am in Manila now. I love the pics of end of journey. Sad to see the jeeps disappear, our loyal companions. Who knows what their next adventire will be. 
Tour title: Self drive from Kyrgyzstan through China to Chongqing
Booking code:
Client: Lutgart, Belgium
Tour starting date: September 12, 2013
Tour length: 35 days
Tour route: (Kyrgyzstan) – Tourgart – Kashgar – Khotan – Kucha – Bayinbuluk – Urumuqi – Turfan – Dunhuang – Jiayuguan – Xining – Xiahe – Langmusi – Ruoergai – Hongyuan – Chengdu – Leshan – Emeishan – Chengdu – Chongqing
...thank you, we are fine...still travelling together in Thailand.Here our feedback:Positive:the guide Luis, he was competent and flexible, always have an eye on us. We had a good and funny time together and enjoyed to camp with him.We also enjoyed the nice places specially in the mountains.Thank you for the lunchNegative:Only one driving license...the costs: the trip was very expensive
Tour title: Self drive from Kyrghyzstan through China to Laos
Booking code:
Client: Sven, Norway
Tour starting date: September 23, 2013
Tour length: 22 days
Tour route: (Kyrghyzstan) – Tourgart – Kashgar – Turfan – Dunhuang – Jiayuguan - Xining – Xiahe – Chengdu – Yibin – Kunming – Jianshui – Yuanyang – Mohan – (Laos)
We sold the car in Nepal for €400, so we had a good farewell party.Our bank details are filled in below.  Thanks for the trip and the nice and good guides we had.
Tour title: Self drive from Mongolia through China to Nepal
Booking code:
Client: Janna and Peter, Netherlands
Tour starting date: September 25, 2013
Tour length: 28 days
Tour route: (Mongolia) - Erlianhaote - Beijing – Datong – Taiyuan – Pingyao - Xian – Tianshui – Lanzhou – Xining – Lhasa – Gyantse – Shigatse – Everest BC – Zhangmu - (Nepal)
Nun liegt China hinter uns. Es war eine unglaublich interessante Reise. Losang/Lapsong war ein sehr aufmerksamer Guide. Wir haben uns mit ihm und Suan - der kaum zu tuen hatte, da Alex fast allein gefahren ist - sehr gut verstanden. Die Reiseleitung von WeiTun/Ihnen war hervorragend, vor allem die Lösung mit meinen nicht funktionierenden Creditkarten.  Die 15 Yuan pro 1000 Yuan Geldabhebung von Lapsongs Konto waren ok. Ihnen und Lapsong dafür besonderen Dank.
Tour title: Self Driver from Tibet to Inner Monglia
Booking code:
Client: Christiane and Alexander, Germany
Tour starting date: April 10, 2015
Tour length: 29 days
Tour route: Zhangmu – Old Tingri – Rongbuk – Everest Basis Camp – Shegar – Shigatse – Lhasa – Nam Tso See – Naqu – Golmud – Kokonor See – Xining – Lanzhou – Xian – Luoyang – Pingyao – Taiyuan – Datong – Beijing - Erenhot

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