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We are Greatway Tour & Trekking, based in Chengdu, Sichuan, and Lhasa, Tibet, China. We are very pleased to meet you on our website www.self-drive.cn. Our team specializes in culture, adventure and trekking tours in China, inclusive Tibet, Kham and Amdo since 1994. With our long experience and expertise in China tour, our attentive staff is always ready to meet your needs and willing to plan, organize and conduct for you the following: 

Guided culture and nature tour
for group and individual tourists
Self drive tour with your own vehicle
Self drive tour with rental car
Motorbike tour
4x4 off road adventure
Panda tour and Panda volunteer
Trekking and hiking tours in fascinating landscape
Bike tour
Photography tour
Festival tour
Cuisine culture and gourmet travel
Horse riding tour
Bird watching
Flower watching
Student tour and educational travel
Business tour
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Golf tour
Chinese Kung Fu
Desert adventure
Our website www.self-drive.cn focuses on China self drive tour with your own vehicle, China self drive tour with rental car, and motorbike riding adventure in China. Welcome to China! You’ll see self drive is a great way to discover and experience amazing China!

What our clients say
  • the guide Luis, he was competent and flexible, always have an eye on us. We had a good and funny time together and enjoyed to camp with him. We also enjoyed the nice places specially in the mountains.
  • Thank you very much for your help in organization of this travel! Looking forward for further cooperation (in 1 year we will go back from Asia to Russia through China).

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Why choose us for the self drive tour in China
• Licensed China self drive tour operator
• Collect official documents and permits, the special permits for Tibet and Xinjiang
• Apply the Chinese temporary driving license

Apply the Chinese temporary vehicle plate

• Complete the formalities for entry and exit
• Local expert based in Lhasa, Tibet and Chengdu, Sichuan, reasonable price
• Rich experience for China self drive tour since 1995
• Customized China self drive tour itinerary
• Careful planning, unforgettable experience
• Professional guides, skilled service team
• No forced shopping

Self drive, a great way to discover and experience China!
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Warmly welcome to Self-drive.cn, a leading specialist for China self driving tour with your own car, China self drive tour with rental car and China motorcycle riding adventure. Our rich experience for self drive tour in China is dated back to 1995: in 1995 we operated the first China self drive tour inclusive Tibet … Till today, we have many satisfied customers for China self driving travel and motorcycle riding adventure in China, who speak highly of us - a local travel agent, for our high quality service. You will be such a valuable China self drive tour client of us! Self-drive.cn provides here detailed China self drive travel guide and tips, information of China self drive travel permit, etc.