Temporary Chinese Driving License

Temporary Chinese Driving License

As a professional adventure tour Company, we are authorized to organize China rental car self-driving tour, China self-driving tour with own vehicle and China motorbike tour. Please note that, we are not the one only for the Chinese temporary driving license applying, or only for Chinese rental vehicle providing. We specialize in arranging the whole driving tour for our clients. Therefore, we will service the clients who get China tour visa and are willing to join our China driving tour. The service includes but not limits in Chinese temporary driving license applying, car providing, routes arranging, other service (guide, meals, accommodation, sightseeing etc.).

Of course, if you have one permanent Chinese driving license already (like you worked or studied in China), you can skip this step and we can just arrange the other parts for you as a normal driving tour in China. Like vehicle providing, customize the driving tour, sign the related contract or agreement, and arrange the related insurance etc.

To get Chinese temporary vehicle plate and Chinese temporary driving license, we need the following necessary information at least one month before you drive into China, as earlier as better.

1.  Fulfill the spreadsheet with the participant's and vehicle's data

Client's information

name, surname
birth place
Passport's information
issued on (time)
issued at (place or authority)
valid until
Drivers license of your land or the third land
issued on (time)
issued at (place or authority)
valid until
Vehicle's  information
number plate
registration date
date of manufacture
place of manufacture
engine no.
vehicle Identification number
actual value of the vehicle(EURO or USD)
engine displacement
maximal load
equipment list

2. Scan copy of the driving license, 900*1200 pixel (both the front and the back side, not international driving license)
3. Scan copy of your vehicle registration certificate, 900*1200 pixel
4. Scan copy of passport, 900*1200 pixel
5. Scan copy of China visa when available, 900*1200 pixel
6. Your digital recent colored passport photo, 900*1200 pixel (just a normal digital photo, for your Chinese driver license)
7. Digital colorful pictures of vehicle, front, back and side, 900*1200 pixel
8. The latest vehicle inspection report (when you enter China from Erlianhaote border)

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