Motorbike Tour from Laos across China to Mongolia
Motorbike Tour from Laos across China to Mongolia

Motorbike Tour from Laos across China to Mongolia

- Motorbike Tour from Mohan across China to Erlianhaote
20 Days | (Laos) - Mohan - Mengla - Jiangcheng - Yuanyang - Kunming - Zhaotong - Leshan - Chengdu - Sanxingdui - Zitong - Jianmenguan Pass - Guangyuan - Hanzhong - Foping - Xian - Linfeng - Pingyao - Taiyuan - Datong - Hohhot - Erlianhaote - (Mongolia)
Entrance Customs into China: Mohan
Exit Customs from China: Erlianhaote
Enter China from (Land Name): Laos
Leave China to (Land Name): Mongolia
Riding on own motorbike from South to North through China
Meet the minorities in Yunnan and Sichuan
Culture highlights „in Middle Kingdom“
Panda in Chengdu
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Day01 Mohan – Mengla: Enter China at Mohan border, after custom formalities ride to Mengla, 45 km, 1 hour. Car check, obtain your temporary drive license and vehicle tag etc. 1N at Jinglan Hotel

Day02 Mengla – Jiangcheng: provincial road, 58km+185km. 1N at Mancheng Hotel

Day03 Jiangcheng – Yuanyang: provincial road, 305km. After arriving in Yuanyang visit the village of Hani-Minority in Qingkou. 1N at 3*Yunti Hotel

Day04 Yuanyang – Jianshui (85km): In Yuanyang visit Laohuzui terrace. Then ride to Jianshui. Sightseeing in Jianshui – Residence of Family Zhang in Tuanshan, Twin-Dragon-Bridge, Chaoyang Tower, old city and Konfucius Tempel. 1N at 3*Huaqing Hotel

Day05 Jianshui – Shilin (Stone Forest) – Kunming: highway repliche orologi iwc and second-class road, 290km, 6 hours. 1N at 4*Jinjiang Hotel
Day06 Kunming – Zhaotong: 399km. 1N at 3*Hotel
Day07 Zhaotong – Leshan: 403km. 1N at 3*Jiazhou Hotel

Day08 Leshan – Chengdu: visit Giant Buddha in Lingyun Temple. Ride to Chengdu, 177km. 2N im 4*Holiday Inn Express Chengdu Wuhou
Day09 Chengdu: visit Qingyang Temple, Broad Lane and Narrow Lane (Kuan Xiangzi and Zhai Xiangzi) and drink tea in Renmin Park.
Day10 Chengdu – Panda Breeding Base – Sanxingdui Museum – Zitong: 188km. 1N at 3*Hotel

Day11 Zitong - Jianmenguan Pass – Guangyuan (Thousand Buddha Cliff): 162km. 1N at 4*Guangyuan International Hotel

Day12 Guangyuan – Hanzhong – Foping: 337km. 1N at 3*Hotel

Day13 Foping – Xian: 196km. 2N at 4*Tianyu Gloria Hotel cheap golden goose superstar sneakers
Day14 Xian: Visit Terra-Cotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Ancient City Wall.
Day15 Xian – Linfen: 380km. 1N at 3*Hotel

Day16 Linfen – Hukou Waterfall - Pingyao Ancient Town: 177km. 1N at 2*Dejuyuan Hotel
Day17 Pingyao – Taiyuan – Hanging Temple (Xuankong Si) in Hunyuan – Datong: 395km. 1N at 4*Datong Hotel
Day18 Datong (Yungang Grottos) – Hohot: 245km. 1N at 4*Hotel

Day19 Hohot - Erlianhaote (= Ehrenhot): 473km. 1N at Haifeng Hotel
Day20 Erlianhaote exit into Mongolia. Service ended.

Self drive, a great way to discover and experience China!
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