Self Drive Tour from Laos via Tibetan Area Amdo through China to Kyrgyzstan
Self Drive Tour from Laos via Tibetan Area Amdo through China to Kyrgyzstan

Self Drive Tour from Laos via Tibetan Area Amdo through China to Kyrgyzstan

- Self Drive Travel from Mohan via Amdo through China to Irkeshtam
26 Days | (Laos) - Mohan - Mengla - Jinghong - Pu’er – Nanjian – Dali – Lijiang - Lugu Hu - Xichang – Yaan - Chengdu - Taoping - Ma'erkang - Hongyuan - Tangke - Ruoergai - Langmu Si - Xiahe - Xining – Zhangye - Jiayuguan – Dunhuang – Liuyuan – Hami - Turfan - Korla - Kuqa - Aksu - Kashgar – Irkeshtam - (Kyrgyzstan)
Entrance Customs into China: Mohan
Exit Customs from China: Irkeshtam
Enter China from (Land Name): Laos
Leave China to (Land Name): Kyrgyzstan
Minorities in South Yunnan
Discover the southern and northern silk road
Meet Tibetan in East Tibet Amdo
Drive through the Taklamakan Desert
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Day01 In the morning enter at Mohan, then drive to Mengla: meet your guide at the border, the guide will assist for custom formalities. Then drive to Mengla (45km, 1h), we will assist for custom formalities and car check, obtain your temporary drive license and vehicle tag etc. 1N in Mengla

Day02 Mengla - Jinghong - Puer: car check, obtain your temporary drive license and vehicle tag etc. 226km, 4hrs. 1N in Puer

Day03 Puer - Jinggu - Lincang - Nanjian: 363km, 7.5hrs. 1N in Nanjian

Day04 Nanjian - Dali - Lijiang: 295km, 4.5hrs. In Dali visit the Three Pagoda, boating on Erhai Lake and visit Dali Ancient Town. Then drive to Lijiang. 2N in Lijiang

Day05 Lijiang: visit black Dragon Pool (Heilong Tan), Dongba Culture Museum and acient city Lijiang.

Day06 Lijiang - Luguhu Lake: 230km, 5hrs 45min. 2N in Luguhu Lake

Day07 Luguhu Lake: boating on the Luguhu Lake and visit the village of Moso people and visit one family of them.

Day08 Luguhu Lake - Yanyuan - Xichang: 262km, 6hrs 40min, asphalt road. Visit Qionghai Lake, Datong Tower and manual workshops on Datong Road. 1N in Xichang

Day09 Xichang - Ya’an - Chengdu: 441km, 5hrs 52min. 2N in Chengdu

Day10 Chengdu: rest day and sightseeing. Visit Chengdu Panda Base, Qingyang Temple, Kuan-zhai Lane, etc.

Day11 Chengdu - Taoping - Hongyuan: 415km, 7hrs. Visit Taoping, a Qiang People's stocked village. 1N in Hongyuan

Day12 Hongyuan - Ruoergai - Langmu Si - Xiahe: 506km, 7hrs 55min. 1N in Xiahe

Day13 Xiahe - Xining: 237km, 4hrs 25min. Visit Labrang Monastery. 1N in Xining

Day14 Xining - Zhangye: 339km, 6hrs, expressway. Visit Big Buddhist Temple in Zhangye. 1N in Zhangye

Day15 Zhangye - Jiayuguan: 225km, 3hrs, expressway. Visit Danxia landform and Jiayuguan Tower. 1N in Jiayuguan

Day16 Jiayuguan - Dunhuang: 373km, 4hrs 40min, expressway. 2N in Dunhuang

Day17 Dunhuang: full day tour in Dunhuang. Appreciate Mogao Grottos, which is one of the greatest examples of Buddhist art, and symbol of East-West cultural exchange. Visit the Singing Sand Dunes and Crescent Spring Pool.

Day18 Dunhuang - Hami: 414km, 6hrs, expressway. Visit Hami King Tomb. 1N in Hami

Day19 Hami - Turfan: 412km, 5hrs 26min, expressway. Visit Flaming Mountains and Grape Valley. 2N in Turfan

Day20 Turfan: Emin Minarett (Sugong Ta) , Karez and Jiaohe Ancient Town.

Day21 Turfan - Korla - Kucha (= Kuqa): 675km, 8hrs 25min. Visit Bosten Lake. 2N in Kucha

Day22 Kucha: Kucha Temple, Kuqa grand canyon and Subash Ancient City.

Day23 Kucha - Khotan: 739km, 8hrs. Visit the Taklimakan desert. 1N in Khotan

Day24 Khotan - Kashgar: 503km, 7hrs 26min. 2N in Kashgar

Day25 Kashgar: visit Kashgar includes the bazaar where many Uyghur people make business and the old city area of Kashgar, Id Kah Mosque and the Tomb of Abakh Hoja etc.

Day26 Kashgar - Irkeshtam - Kyrgyzstan: drive to the customs of Irkeshtam, 234km, 3.5 Hrs. Assist for the exit formalities. Service ends.

Self drive, a great way to discover and experience China!
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